Zhonglan Xinghewan project is a low density high quality residential area invested by Henan Zhongduo Group Co., Ltd. and Henan Lantian Group Co., Ltd. and developed by Zhumadian Zhongyi Real Estate Co., Ltd. The project is located in the core area and early start-up area of Zhumadian urban rural integration demonstration zone. The project covers an area of 140 mu, with a total construction area of 350000 square meters, a plot ratio of less than 2.8 and a building density of less than 25%.

中蓝·星河湾项目地块方正,整体规划风格为新中式格局。在布局上,符合中国传统风水有度在风水学上住宅以方正为佳、和“藏风聚气”的格局。也就是说,从正上方的位置来看,住宅的形状呈现正方形,四边没有缺角,且左右相互对称,四平八稳,天圆地方,项目南侧紧靠河流,同时小区内也采用了一个以水系为灵魂的元素,至古以来,水有招财纳福之喻,也有见水三分财之财源滚滚来之意,为业主打造一个上风上水的风水宝地. 为了打造项目开发商团队考察了国内外众滨水豪宅,邀请国内一线设计院,以世界湾区豪宅为蓝本,打造东方意境湾区豪宅。

The plot of Zhonglan Xinghewan project is square and the overall planning style is new Chinese pattern. In terms of layout, it is in line with the traditional Chinese geomancy. In terms of geomancy, it is better to have a square house and a pattern of "storing wind and gathering gas". That is to say, from the position directly above, the shape of the house is square, with no missing corners on all sides, and it is symmetrical to each other on the left and right. The sky is round, and the south side of the project is close to the river. At the same time, an element with water system as the soul is also used in the community. Since ancient times, water has the metaphor of attracting money and getting blessings, and it also has the meaning of three parts of money rolling in for the owner to build In order to build the project developer team to visit the waterfront mansions at home and abroad, domestic first-line design institutes are invited to build the Oriental mood Bay Area mansions based on the world Bay Area mansions.





The layout of the building is orderly, fully reflecting the noble wind, from the Chinese use of ritual and Confucian doctrine to build space order, and then influence human behavior. Then through the creation of the environment, the moral values into the beautiful art, but also the embodiment of the Oriental traditional culture.






We want the sales department to feel like a gathering, chatting and gathering place.

Gathering of ancient literati and scholars -- "elegant collection of west garden"

Volume in a realistic depiction of the li kung-lin with many scholars, including su dongpo, huang tingjian, Cai Xiang, qin and other celebrities in the attached Ma Fu was a guest at the party scene, is li kung-lin on an impulse, painting ink, or a paint to sing odes in the word, or the harp to sing, or ask zen meditation, natural and unrestrained our picture, circuitous ripples...


There is a saying in the analects of Confucius: "the benevolent are leshan, the wise are water." Since ancient times, people have had a persistent preference for living near water. The stream is gentle, the water is light and fluent all let a person feel comfortable.







Natural elements combine the concept of humanity with modern Oriental aesthetics, and points, lines and surfaces intersect to form space aesthetics and create contemporary space with artistic atmosphere.



During the French revolution, the marseillaise, an anthem of freedom, was the most popular and popular. Between classic and modern, walking on the scales of fashion, balancing functionality and fashion beauty, modern and elegant. European classical songs (marseillaise) into the modern light luxury style, and hermes charm coincide.


American architect Sullivan once said, "form comes from function." Cause and effect blend together. The glass of balcony large area is born, let a space reflect broadness, modesty, beauty, embrace the world with open, natural bosom. The thin grilles on the screen make music as if the strings of an organ were playing, and the music is materialized through the curved lines of the carpet. At the same time, delicate furniture also reveals master's identity and quality of life everywhere.


The characters full of stories look under the umbrella lamp, with the cup beside them, as if forming a picture of a story, making the story stay here, this may be the charm of ornaments, as the movie said, some scenery, once into the eye into the heart, even if the moment, is eternal.


Some people say "simplicity is the ultimate complexity" others say "simplicity is not simple" the pursuit of simplicity is natural, but beauty is not simple, thinking about beauty into every corner early. In the midst of a masterpiece, you can walk and sit in peace.

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